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How to set up the Sniffer?

Question asked by Lei Peng on Dec 5, 2017


I am experiencing a problem when testing the USB on the board TWR-K64. I successfully downloaded the demo project "usb_examples-usb_device_hid_generic - bm" into the board, and the USB device got enumerated. A PC software is needed to verify the firmware. I found there is a readme.pdf in the project showing how to edit the c# code for the display. I did so. However, the software always displays as below when it is running (also attached). It is not that picture shown in readme.pdf. I couldn't find where to input Device Vendor Id and Device Product ID. The PC OS is 64-bit Windows 7. I already selected x86 CPU platform in the project. 

Could you please tell me what the possible reasons could be? Thank you very much.