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Marvell phys connected to RGMII interface

Question asked by Amy Overmyer on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by j_wallace

We have a custom board based on a LS1043A. It has 3 ethernet ports and phys on it. 1 is connected to mdio0 and it is RGMII the other two are SGMII connected to mdio1. 


The 2 SGMIIs are working in both u-boot and linux. 


The RGMII works in u-boot but only works in linux if it is prevented from resetting itself or reconfiguring itself in autonegotation in the marvell phy driver. Since autonegotiation succeeds in u-boot we are wondering why it does not in linux and if others have used the marvell phy (in our case 1512) with the ls1043a and dpa/fman etc. 


Thank you,

Amy Overmyer