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IMXRTEVK - CMSIS DAP debug too slow and often fails

Question asked by Felipe Neves on Dec 4, 2017
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We are developing a new project based on IMXRT1050 because its features has a good fit to our requirements, so we buyed a IMXRTEVK which features a CMSIS DAP / DAPLINK debugger on board. I performed the SDK installation steps on MCUExpresso, and created a simple hello world on FreeRTOS application built with no errors, good!

Time to debug, but when I tried to start debug, it failed with  the attached message, it basically takes time then it report error on redlink. I tried then to download a application to QSPI Flash changing the boot source in the onboard switch SW7, the daplink connects but the firmware gets stuck on ROM bootloader and never reach main.

After this, I tried again to boot from HyperFlash changing SW7, and the daplink connected, but, it is too slow, a simple step takes about 6-7 seconds to complete, turning the debug almost impossible. Using a Jlink was not worked as well, the firmware gets stucked.

My question given this scenario: Is it possible to debug the code using the IMXRTEVK?

Please note:

SDK: SDK_2.x_EVK-MIMXRT1050 v2.3.0

Thanks in advance for any hint about this problem, I really want to proceed to use the processor.