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imx6 solo uboot nor XIP ivt header

Question asked by shambosch on Dec 4, 2017
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I am trying to boot from parallel NOR and i don't understand how the IVT header is setup.

It seems the addresses in the IVT header are calculated based on CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE.

Now if i specify CONFIG_SYS_TEXT BASE as 0x08800000 ( some random offset from the NOR flash base address)

I get the following addresses:


entry: 0x08800000

dcd: 0x087FF914

boot_data: 0x087FF908

self: 0x087FF8e8


inside the IVT header.

I currently have a custom imx6solo based board on which i am able to run uboot on RAM via JTAG. I would like to copy uboot to nor flash and boot from there on power up. From what i have understood after going over the manual is that the BOOT rom will look for the IVT header at 0x08001000.

Now if i flash the uboot.imx at this address (0x08001000) will Boot rom copy the entire image to onchip ram or just the IVT header and boot data? In the manual it is mentioned that Initial Load region size for NOR is entire program image. If that is the case then program image is size is bigger than OCRAM available area.

Can someone please clarify what the Boot ROM does when booting from EIM NOR.