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IAP Reinvoke ISP only works when optimization is turned off

Question asked by Arturas Jonkus on Dec 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by Arturas Jonkus

I've been trying to implement ISP Reinvoke function for some time now and I've run into problem. My function looks like this:

void IAP_ReinvokeISP(void)
    SCB->VTOR = 0;


    volatile unsigned int command[5] = {0};
    volatile unsigned int result[4] = {0};


    //Prepare the command array
    command[0] = 57;
    //Chip_GPIO_SetPinState(LPC_GPIO, 2, 16, 1);
    //Initialize the storage state machine


    //Set stack pointer to ROM value (reset default)
    //This must be the last piece of code executed before calling ISP,
    //because most C expressions and function returns will fail after the stack pointer is changed.
    __set_MSP(*((unsigned int*)0x00000000));


    //Invoke IAP call...


    iap_ent((unsigned int *)command, (unsigned int *)result);


I've put some variables as volatile even though they shouldn't be optimized whatsoever because they are in function yet I can't get it to open mass storage device. Turning optimization off works well but I need it as my code is fairly big and I would like it to be more compact.


P.S. Before this function I turn off all interrupts except for USB handling