Peterson dos Santos

MCUXpresso Mint (KDE) simple instalation

Discussion created by Peterson dos Santos on Dec 2, 2017

This post was created to help Linux new adopters to install MCUXpresso without command lines. it is a simple, fast and clean way to install the MCUXpresso on your linux machine. I have used the Mint KDE to create this example:


1. download the MCUXpresso (Linux version from website -… 




2. Open the file manager (in my case Dolphin) and clicking with right botton of your mouse on

mcuxpressoide-10.1.0_589.x86_64.deb.bin file, go to Permissions in properties window and set file as executable:



3. Clicking again with right mouse botton on the .bin file go to "open with" >> "Others" and write on search box "gksu" and run:



4. From this step onwards, you need only to follow normal instalation process, and finally run the MCUXpresso.