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Q] Digital Buck/Boost circuit of wct-15wtxauto

Question asked by Devin Park on Dec 3, 2017
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I have a question about the WCT-15WTXAuto(mwct1013a EVM, 15w wireless charging solution).


We made PROTO board with mwct1013a but it's not working properly so we're debugging now

Regarding it, I have a question about digital buck/boost circuit.


I attach the ref. schematics of mwct-15wtxauto evm(which can be downloaded on NXP website).

I want to know the relation of DBUCK_PWMH_S2/DBUCK_PWML_S2/DBOOST_PWMH_S2/DBOOST_PWML_S2.
On my reservation with my proto board, DBUCK_PWMH_S2 and DBOOST_PWMH_S2 have the same  phase.
So Buck and Boost are turn ON at the same time. I guess it causes SHORT. Is it right?

Please let me know the relation btw DBUCK_PWMH_S2/DBUCK_PWML_S2/DBOOST_PWMH_S2/DBOOST_PWML_S2(that is, phase difference).

THanks & BR,