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Is it necessary  to create NPF file for LIN Communication in S32?

Question asked by bing ma on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by bing ma

now i am start to develop about lin communication,after read the LIN User Manual , i was told that the development sequence should do as below:

1.create npf and ldf file and generate .c/.h files(lin_cfg.c lin_cfg.h lin_hw_cfg.h),then copy them to your source project 

2. finish your Lin logic in application layer

3.compiling the source code to verify your function

is it correct?

but  i can not see any npf files in Lin examples project in S32 Design Studio for ARM,only ldf file can be found inside,Why? why the generated file contains lin_hw_cfg.h which is supposed generated by NPF file? and when i intended to create a npf file i can not found any proper mcu name in option list (KEA-144 i used now)....