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DDR Validation - endianness error

Question asked by Shiva Pandit on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Sundeep Dhunna

I'm trying to use the DDR validation suite in QCVS to get optimal values for WRLVL registers for our custom board. We have the u-boot loading, but it fails to detect the DIMM capacity of channel 1 of 1st and 2nd memory controllers. I'm able to connect to the target and import the settings from the target as well. But the validation fails with "error: endianness". I have tried starting with Auto configuration and Import from Target configuration. udimm part is Mircon, MTA9ASF1G72AZ.


Sometimes I can get past the endianness error; but validation fails before the final step with some "internal error".


Reading from SPD also fails in the DDRv tool. Please see attached pictures. I have also attached the u-boot log for reference.


Can someone help me with these errors, please?