Some help understanding clock system.

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I would appreciate if somebody could help me understanding the clock system. 

In the past I allready worked with a FRDM-KL25Z board and I was quite with it and the Code Warrior.

Now, I am developing a new project and I have to choose a new microcontroler as the KL25Z is not as fast as I need. 

The point is that I need to create a 120MHz square signal from an GIO pin, and I wonder if I could use a FRDM-KV31 board that can run up to a frequency of 120MHz

This is clock diagram of the KV31:



My intention is to make use of the Flex Timer Module (FTM) to do so, and it says:




So I understand that Core/System clock is 120MHz so I believe that I would be able to create a 120MHz square signal. Am I right? 


Another related question:

If I read the content of a GPIO port to RAM, how fast can I do it? I mean, which is the clock source? core clock, system clock, bus clock, etc?


Thank you in advance.