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Question asked by 展辉 刘 on Nov 30, 2017
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    Now i am test the low power mode in freertos,but it seem fail,I was use the S32K144-Q100 DEMO borad.

    I create a task1(LED) to toggle the LED GREEN ,

      And TASK2 to scan the SW2 ,if press the key SW2,it enter the low power mode(the "5" is STOP1 ),and before enter into the low power mode, i disable the systick


   Then i enable the SW3 (PTC13) interrupt to wake up the mcu from the low power mode(STOP1) ,and it wil toggle the RED LED。

      When the mcu begin to run,the green led is toggle ,and the i press the SW2 ,it like enter to the stop mode,and the GREEN led keep the  previous state before enter into stop mode,but PRESS SW3,the interrput  can't wake up from stop mode ,it didn't work.

      The Attached is my project ,can you help me sovle the issue?THANKS!!

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