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Flash bootloader .rbf serial communication port for MPC5643L

Question asked by Maciek on Nov 29, 2017
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I've managed to install MBD Toolbox for MPC564xL. I can build example models without problems. We have found older TWR-PXS2010 kit with PXS2010 which I know is earlier (before change) name for MPC5643L. 

Unfortuantely we don't have easy access to LINFlex_0 on this board. But LINFlex_1 can be accessed via on-board OSBDM Serial Bridge.

So I have a question:

is it possible to use Flash Bootloader (.rbf) for MPC5643L (or for PXS2010 - there is such .rbf in 'Bootloader' directory) with LINFlex_1 as serial communication interface ?

I can't find any info: what peripherals can be (are) used with this bootloader...