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IMX6QP serial download bootmode problem

Question asked by Long Yun on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2017 by Rita Wang

I made a board based on sabre sd. when use mfgtools to boot from serial download mode, i find it's difficult to boot sucess, almost 1 times  a day.there is no freescale USB HID device appear in xp device management  when failed to boot. And i have passed DDR STRESS Test and generate a uboot. I have burn uboot zImage and rootfs to eMMc and boot success from  Internal rom mode.

问下IMX6QP usb serial download mode 失败的原因,原来下载过镜像 但是是通过引导到uboot 然后手动烧着到eMMc 现在要把mfgtool完整脚本完成,电脑上没有检测到USB设备,前两天也就检测到了一两次