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RAppID Bootloader Utility Issue

Question asked by Arthi Venkatasubramanian on Nov 29, 2017
We are working with evaluation mother board KITMC33908MBEVBE and daughter board KITMPC5643DBEVM.
For verifying whether BAM is working properly, we use RAppID bootloader utility. 
When we try to start bootloader, "Autobaud failure error " is displayed when we tried with LINFlex and when we tried with FlexCAN "Error while opening CAN port" is displayed on the window. 
We even tried with Autobaud although this feature is not supported by MPC5643L chip.
The same error "Autobaud failure" is again happening.
So how can we overcome from this issue?
Is there any procedure to be followed?
Arthi Venkatasubramanian