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S32V234EVB Design Reference Symbol Please

Question asked by Bright Wang on Nov 28, 2017
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Is Anyone Who Knows Where To Download The Evaluation Board DSN Symbol Of S32V234:

S32V234EVB: S32V Vision and Sensor Fusion Evaluation Board

SBC-S32V234: Vision and Sensor Fusion Platform|NXP 


We're Now Considering To Have Performance Test And Want To Design An Engineering Board. The Best Way To Accelerate The Design Is To Have A Symbol To Prevent Misses From Making Symbols Pin By Pin. Currently NXP Have Release The Schematics Of S32V234EVB But Here Is No Zip File With DSN Symbols. It's Really Inconvenient.

Can Any One There Can Help This? We Was Asking Our Distributor's FAE To Confirm With Local Sales Representative / AE (In Taiwan) But For Months To Date Don't Get Any Reply From Them. 


We're Really In Hurry Because Our Algorithm And Trained Model Has Been Done For A Long Time And We Need To Port What We Have Done Into The Target Platform. Also We Don't Consider To Buy The Evaluation Board If You Do Have PCB / DSN File We Can Base On What You Provide To Rapidly Prototype Our Own Board. Buying Evaluation Board And Developing Our One Cost Almost The Same.


Please Otherwise We Don't Have Choice But Migrate Our Whole Project To TI TDA2X.

They Complete Open The Schematics / BOM / PCB Files For Quick Design.