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iMx6sx cortex M4 program size problem

Question asked by Hui Huang on Nov 28, 2017


Could you please help me? I am developing a system using imx6sx, and I have a problem with the M4 core. I am using the FreeRTOS BSP provided by NXP, and I want to read ADC in Cortex M4, do a simple process (filtering and level detecting), then send the result to the Cortex A9 which is running the Linux OS. I ran the RPMSG examples (the PingPong and string examples) successfully, and I thought I could enhance these to my benefit. But the problem is these examples take almost all of the 32K space available in the program memory (TCM in my case).

Is there any way to enlarge the program memory? Or are there other BSPs with a smaller footprint?

I should add a simple program (just main function with a printf function) takes 11K using this BSP, RPMSG approximately 15K, and FreeRTOS occupies 4K.


Thanks in advance Best Regards.