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i.MX6: Documentation about DVFS related registers in GPC

Question asked by valterminute_ on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by igorpadykov

I noticed that documentation about DVFS in the GPC chapter and specific documentation about DVFSC_* registers in that same chapter has been removed in the latest revisions of the reference manual of both i.MX6 dual/quad and solo/duallite.

I am talking about registers from 0x020dC180 to 0x020DC1C0.

The documentation was not very clear, but I was surprised to see it disappear.

I also noticed that those registers are not used in the Linux BSP (where the logic to increase/decrease CPU speed is implemented in software).
On the other side the HW DVFS feature is quite useful for people working on OSs that don't have such a management system built-in. Being able to trigger actions based on system load using HW is quite interesting.

Why has this information been removed?

Is that feature not working or is suggested to not use it?

Has this information been moved to a different place?

(no mention about this in the revision notes that just say that it has been deleted)