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Which parts is the 792MHz max stable CPU operation freq applied to

Question asked by ZHOUNENG CHEN on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by ZHOUNENG CHEN

Hello, team.

According to the IMX6DQRM, the ARM_CLK_ROOT default freq is 792 MHz, but the i.MX6D  have many parts such as:

MCIMX6D4AVT0N8AD cpu max operation freq is 850
MCIMX6D4AVT1N0AD cpu max operation freq is 1000


So, the 792MHZ is applied to the 850MHz part or 1000Mhz part? If the SOC run at 792MHz, Can I select the
850MHz part? After all the MCIMX6D4AVT0N8AD is 4 dollars cheaper than the MCIMX6D4AVT1N0AD .


Thank you!