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FRDM-K22F ADC Differential Mode

Discussion created by brian cavanagh on Nov 27, 2017
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Hi, I have not been successful with making a differential measurement on ADC0_DP0 and ACD0_DM0.


I was taking the approach similar to 'Multiple Channel' measurements.  My thought was DP0 would have a value and DM0 would also have a value.  As a result, I anticipated DP0 - DM0 would give my final "Differential" result.  This didn't work.


I then proceeded to take the single-end channel approach, even though I set 'Mode Select' to 'Differential'.

I was thinking the 'Differential' result would be one value that I can read.  I still think this was wrong.  I'm also not clear on my resolution actually is. 


Below is a screen capture of ADC1 Component settings, Methods, and finally my code.

Can someone help me get this started?