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DDR Config tool gave invalid value

Question asked by David Patton on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by David Patton

This is in relation to a custom board, patterned after the Sabre board, with an iMX6SX; I used the DDR stress test tool v2.7, to get the config values for my DDR; I then ran the stress test and it passed, I assume it used the config values it gave during the config. However, if I modify imximage.cfg in u-boot with these values, the board will not boot. So I went through the values and the registers in the reference manual and determined that the value for MMDC_MPDGCTRL0 (0x021B083C) is the problem. So I set that one value back to the default and now the board boots. This gives me little confidence in the other values given; they work, but are they optimal? Is there something we did incorrectly in the setup?


I am attaching several things:


ddr_calibration_20171113-10'54'40.log: this is the output of the DDR calibration in the Stress Test Tool this is the setup script used by the DDR Stress Test tool, derived from the setup aid

imximage_old.cfg: this is the cfg file with the default values that will boot the board

imximage_new.cfg: this is the cfg file with all of the changes from the DDR Stress Test tool script and the output of the config; this will not allow the target to boot, unless I change MMDC_MPDGCTRL0 (0x021B083C) back to the default value, then it will boot

I.MX6SX_DDR3_Script_Aid_V0.01.xlsx: this is the setup aid I downloaded from NXP and filled in the values


Can anyone please help steer me to the correct path? Why did I get a value that will not allow the board to boot? Thanks...