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T2080 MDIO register spaces access

Question asked by xabiven on Nov 27, 2017
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I'm using a T2080 processor with 0x66 SERDES configuration on SD1 bloc.

So, I have four "10 Gigabit ports" : two used in XFI mode, connected to Ethernet PHYs for 10GBASE-T support, and two directly connected to a backplane's interface.


The two Ethernet PHYs are connected to the EMI2 bus for configuration. They are using 0x0 and 0x1 addresses and respond without issue to all mdc/mdio commands.


I'd like to access to the T2080's MDIO register spaces to have information about processor's PCS and auto-negociation.

So, I have defined four new addresses, one for each port's MAC, assigning 0x2 to 0x5 into each MDEV_PORT field (in E_A6C4, E_A6D4, E_A6E4 and E_A6F4 : XFIx Protocol Control Register 1) .

Nevertheless, I cannot acces to MAC MDIO register spaces after this configuration : all accesses always return 0xffff.


=> Which configuration should be performed to access to these registers ?


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