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Display Interface Unit's Refresh Rate

Question asked by Ather Shehzad on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by Ather Shehzad

Dear all,
I want to use Display Interface Unit of T1042. But I want to output my video as 1024x768 RGB output at a refresh rate of 50 Hz.  

I am using sysclk of 100 MHz. 

I would be grateful if someone suggests me about the PLL setting for Platform clock and then recommended settings for Pixel Clock.

(Platform clock must be in between 300-600 MHz and Pixel Clock Must be less than or equal to Platform Clock / 4 )

rr =                                           pix clk                                                   
       (delta_x + fp_h + pw_h + bp_h) x (delta_y + fp_v + pw_v + bp_v)


What will be the values of other parameters to get a refresh rate of 50 Hz ?