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How to Remove the Blank Screen

Question asked by nandish gurulingappa on Nov 24, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by nandish gurulingappa

Hello All,


I am using the imx6dl Sabreauto board and yocto project BSP kernel version is 3.14.28 , i am getting the blank screen few 3-4 seconds in between booting and starting the main window(i.e after yocto project progressbar and main GUI window), And i tried to set bootargs console blankscreen =0 and in driver file tty/vt.c  i set the "static int blankinterval = 0 ; "  then also i am getting the same issue, please see the attached video, please guide me how to resolve this issue, your help wolud be appreciated,


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Nandish S.G