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mpc 5674F  SPI Init / Clock Problem

Question asked by Ceren Salman on Nov 24, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by Ceren Salman

Hi, I am using mpc #5674f and I have to work with #SPI peripheral in it. If I successfully initiate SPI and be able to transmit / receive data with it, I'm gonna use it in my #RTC project.


  • The problem is;
  • I have initiated the pins using SIU.PCR and also I have initiated DSPI_B.MCR and CTAR registers. 

Then I send the command with PUSHR register, then check Transmit Complete Flag and read it with POPR.


  • But now, when I observe the #clock signal from the oscilloscope, I see a sinusoidal signal, couldn't see a 0-1 clock signal.
  • I tried to decrease the #frequency using the above registers but nothing changes. I changed the value of the CTAR (#baudrate and scaler values) and even PCR values (open drain value, slew rate value) but still couldn't see any difference. Frequency value of the signal didn't changed.

Can anyone help me? 


Thank you in advance.