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New Linux BSP for MCS5485EVB troubles booting...

Discussion created by James Kimble on Sep 30, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2009 by freescale freescale

I'm attempting to port U-Boot to a custom board based on the M5485EVB and having some trouble getting the new Linux kernel to boot. My board has more and different SDRAM and Flash than the eval board. 128Mb of Ram (same type as eval board) and 64Mb in a 32 bit (CS tied together on two chips) configuration with Intel P33 Flash.

Because of the flash size I've had to adjust the flash base address from 0xFF80 0000 to 0xF000 0000 and I've moved the MBAR to 0x1000 0000. I've made the changes needed for Flash and SDRAM to the M5485evb.h file and U-Boot comes up and appears to function normally (though I can't write to flash so somethings not exactly right). I can tftp my uImage but when I go to run bootm the kernel starts to load, gets to the point it trys to start NTFS and just freezes never continuing. I removed the NTFS driver to get past that point but it just goes one more step (DMA startup) and freezes again. This leads me to thing I've got a memory configuration issue that the kernel is bumping up against. Not sure where to look though.

BTW I can boot this kernel with Colilo from the old BSP but I really want to get on U-Boot.

Any suggestions appreciated.