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KW24 OTA Bootloader never starts

Question asked by Fabrice TOCCI on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by Ovidiu Alexandru Usturoi

Hi folks!!

I am working with KW24D512 and I am trying to add ota functionality to my application.

I have added ota client to my own application.

The new image is stored into internal flash (gEepromDevice_InternalFlash_c & gUseInternalStorageLink_d)


I'm able to get the new image from the ota server + test_tool_V12 (OTA updates / OTAP thread). The image is loaded in flash and the function OTA_SetNewImageFlag() returns FTFx_OK.


The client resets, but it never start!!


It looks like a bootloader problem because the ota client image built with bootloader binary don't start without iar debugger.

There is no problem with the same ota client build without bootloader.


I have tried :

          • OtapBootloader.bin from framework \bootloader\bin

          • BootloaderOTAP_KW24D512.bin from framework \bootloader\bootloader_OTAP_serial\bootloader_OTAP_KW24D512\exe

And I got the same failure!!



Which bootloader binary file do I need to use to support ota client feature on KW24D512 based application?