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Boot Assist Module of MPC5643L

Question asked by Arthi Venkatasubramanian on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by Peter Vlna


I am working on Boot Assist Module of MPC5643L. As given in datasheet of MPC5643LRM,for password check,if the public password is not allowed and the flash memory is secured, the received password is compared by hardware against the password stored in NVPWD0 and NVPWD1. Only in this case (no public password and secured flash), the words of the provided password must be swapped (NVPWD1|NVPWD0).


Whether we need to swap the password using code or it can be done internally?


Also, what should be the wait cycle as mentioned some wait time need to be given which is mentioned in the flowchart beow

 Also I have a doubt in BAM logic flow, there it is given as default configuration. What is meant by that? How to configure?

So,kindly clarify my doubts and guide me how to achieve this. 




Arthi Venkatasubramanian