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Is it possible to read CPU register value at runtime?

Question asked by vikash chandola on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by vikash chandola

I want to read the value of DCFG_RSTRQSR1 CPU register for P2040 CPU while running specific appilcation. Codewarrior user manual specifies that one can read CPU register while debugging. However executable cannot be debugged on P2040 CPU. Hence I want to know is it possible to read DCFG_RSTRQSR1 register while the application executes in normal mode.


As per RCW switch position device is supposed to start from NAND flash. There it first executes uboot from NAND flash. uboot then loads linux. Currently it is not even able to execute uboot. After boot up Processor asserts RESET_REQ_B for which CPLD issues HRST to the processor. This keeps on happening in loop and device keeps rebooting itself infinitely. During previous discussion with nxp it was found this processor can assert RESET_REQ_B because of several reasons. The exact reason is stored in CPU register DCFG_RSTRQSR1. However this issue comes up only when RCW switch position are set to boot from NAND flash. In this situation(while booting from NAND) it is not possible to debug an application and view CPU register values. It is possible to debug application(via codewarrior) in case of default switch position(NOR flash) but in that case device doesn't reboot and DCFG_RSTRQSR1 value remain as 0(as if no error occurred).