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Access to BLE UUID128 from custom profile in server

Question asked by Robert Näger on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2019 by Xiang Li

Dear community I am using the FRDM KW41Z and the example heart-rate-sensor for developing my own communication with an android application. I used the tutorials for setting server and clients using the BLE stack. However, I got stuck at a problem.

I would like to access to the UUID128 of my two characteristics to store received values in the data base. I understood the tutorials to getting the handles of the characteristics and then store the values into the database. And for getting the handles I need to send the UUID from the characteristics when using following function:


uuidBikeCharacteristicWrite->uuid128 = uuid_characteristic_bike_write;

result |= GattDb_FindCharValueHandleInService(serviceHandle, gBleUuidType128_c, uuidBikeCharacteristicWrite, &characteristicWritehandle);


I get an error when I compile the code. And the tutorials use macros for getting their UUID.


bleUuid_t uuid = Uuid16(gBleSig_Humidity_d);   


I have not found a similar macro or function for getting the uuid128 like that. How can I solve this issue? and are there any examples provided?


Best regards