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DDR Validation Tool,write leveling and clock adjust values for higher frequencies 2100 MT/s.

Question asked by Sreerag A G on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2017 by Adrian Stoica


In our processor board, 2GB DDR4 RAM with ECC chip are connected LS1046A Processor DDR controller. Processor is boot fine with ECC enabled on the DDR controller for 1300MT/s and 1400MT/s. If DDR frequency changed to higher frequencies the processor can not boot. DDRv tool is used to find the write leveling values and clock adjust for both lower frequecies and higher frequecies. How to set the DDR write leveling and clock adjust values for higher frequencies? Can we do the tests with DDRv tool for generating higher frequency values? Neverthless we used the values got running DDRv tool for 1600MT/s, 2100 MT/s we were not able to boot.

Can we use the DDRv tool generated DDR configurations for higher frequencies, if we configured the DDR controller 1300MT/s in u-boot?

This is the snippet for ddr configuration we did and attached the DDRv generated report for DDR frequency 1300MT/s

static const struct board_specific_parameters udimm0[] = {
* memory controller 0
* num| hi| rank| clk| wrlvl | wrlvl | wrlvl
* ranks| mhz| GB |adjst| start | ctl2 | ctl3
{1, 1300, 0, 8, 8, 0x08080707, 0x07050606,},