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Linux image (s32v234pcie) produced by Yocto_s32v234_bsp14.0 is unable to host kernel modules of VisionSDK_RTM_1_0_0

Question asked by Rameez Ismail on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by Rameez Ismail

Hi, I am working on a vision application that requires kernel modules from the vision SDK. However, the kernel modules oal_cma.ko and apex.ko can not be properly loaded in the linux image generated from the BSP-14.


Since BSP-12,  the kernel modules oal_cma.ko and fdma.ko, have trouble with the linux image for s32v234pcie device. For BSP-12, we had to manually patch the device tree file s32v234.dtsi in the YOCTO environment to get the modules working.


Current Issue:
The problem continues in BSP-13 and BSP-14. Additionally, VisionSDK_RTM_1_0_0 has introduced a new kernel module apex.ko, which has similar troubles. This also makes the previous patch obsolete.


To reproduce the current problem:

  1. Generate an image, fsl_image_full_s32v2xx, for the s32v234pcie  from Yocto_s32v234_bsp14.0.
  2.  Build the kernel modules,  provided by VisionSDK_RTM_1_0_0, against the kernel sources.   
  3.  Try to load the kernels modules: fdma.ko throws an error. Additionally, although oal_cma.ko and apex.ko appears to be loaded fine the corresponding devices are not existent.


Note: On BlueBox-mini the kernel modules are loaded just fine and I can run APEX examples without any issue


Could anyone guide me how to fix this issue or let me know if I am missing something?