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How can I build mx6s_v4l2_capture.out on imx7d?

Question asked by gb400 on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by jimmychan

I’m trying to work with the OV5640 camera on sabre board NCIMX7SABRE SCH-28590 REV C
I’ve bought a camera as suggested in

I’ve built the kernel and rootfs starting from
repo init -u git:// -b imx-morty -m imx-4.9.11-1.0.0_ga.xml

I made the following change to select imx7d and add :
machine: imx7dsabresd
image: core-image-base
distro: fsl-frambuffer
kernel: linux-fslc-imx (4.1.38)
The device tree is the original.

I’ve boot from sdcard.

I've followed and the camera works fine with the dowloaded image.

I tried to install in my local.conf the imx-test recipe: the recipe installed in my rootfs the /unit_tests directory in which i can now find most of the test tools, except the mx6s_v4l2_capture.out!

How can I build mx6s_v4l2_capture.out on my imx7dsabresd ?