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Codewarrior Tap debug error:USB open failure

Question asked by xian zhang on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by xian zhang


I'm trying to set up a USBTAP to use with Codewarrior(10.0.2).  The host is windows 7(64bit), and the target is an TWR-MPC8309. The RX/TX LED is  flashing GREEN at a regular rate and the "RUN/PAUSE" LED is solid RED.

 I want to download the project to the target. Then a problem occurred, pops      

"          'Launching ye_Hardware_Debug_C_8309TWR_Debug_Connect'  has encountered a problem.     CCSProtocolPlugin::Could not connect to the probe(or other debug link)[CCS last error:USB open failure]    ".


I have gone to ...\CW\PA\CCS\drivers\usb\ and checked the readme.txt file. The driver seems to be installed



Thanks in advance!