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i.MX6 SPI Master Mode with SPI_RDY

Question asked by chaithu cheruku on Nov 21, 2017
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I’m using Boundary devices nitrogen6x-som2. I configured ECSPI_CONREG{DRCTL] to 01, so that SPI burst can be triggered only if a falling edge of the SPI-RDY signal has been detected.

According to the Application reference manual SPI burst does not start until the falling edge of the SPI_RDY signal is detected. According the reference manual, relationship between a SPI burst and SPI_RDY is described below.

I started to test SPI_RDY behavior with spidev test application. Below are the screenshots my signals. As you can see below screenshots (sorry for the bad timing resolution), I need to toggle SPI_RDY signal for every byte transfer. Is this normal behavior?

My requirement is to transfer everything present in TX_FIFO at falling edge of the SPI_RDY. I don’t want to toggle SPI_RDY for every byte transfer.

Is there any way I can meet my requirement? I’m really stuck any suggestions will be helpful.