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Programming FRDMKL03Z board with LPC Link2 probe

Question asked by Nik Dobrinski on Nov 20, 2017

Hi, I wanted to program & debug a FRDMKL03Z board externally using LPC Link2 board from MCUXpressoIDE.


To setup I soldered two 10pin 50mil headers (J7, J8) on the FRDMKL03Z board (plus installing the SWD clock jumper J6), and confirmed the FRDMKL03Z board still continues to work on its own - with SWD clock jumper J6 closed the programming works BAU through the boards built-in P&E Micro probe/interface.


As a next step of validation I plugged the LPC Link2 board’s supplied 10pin 50mil SWD/JTAG cable between the two 10pin 50mil headers J7, J8 of the FRDMKL03Z board itself (no LPC Link2 board involved) and attempted debugging through the FRDMKL03Z board’s built in P&E Micro interface – it does not work for me with either the board’s SWD clock jumper J6 on or off. “P & E Connection Assistant” pops-up followed by an error, see bellow.


*Error captured in MCUXpressoIDE: “Error in services launch sequence

PEmicro GDB Launch Failure : The GDB Server was not able to establish a connection to the target processor. Please check your connections and power. Verify that the launch settings in the Debug Configuration are accurate.”


Looked closely for cable pin alignment, visually reexamined soldering. If it is bad soldering of the headers I would have expected the same error consistently with or without the cable, since the same signals I thought are routed internally on the board between the 10 pin headers J7, J8. Looked closer at the FRDMKL03Z board schematic, J7 & J8 which I am connecting are not routed/related. J7 is a SWD connector vs. J8 is the OPEN-SDA interface JTAG connector. Connecting the two with a cable does not make sense.


Proceeded with connecting LPC Link2 probe to FRDMKL03Z board: using the LPC Link2 supplied 10-pin cable connected LPC Link 2’s J2 connector with FRDMKL03Z board’s J7 connector. J6 jumper on FRDMKL03Z board is closed to allow SWD clock to the target MCU. J1 on LPC Link2 is open and J2 on LPC Link2 is closed (LPC Link2 powers the target FRDMKL03Z board).


Imported a gpio LED project for the FRDMKL03Z  board, and proceed to build and debug it successfully with the above setup.


Thank you,