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imx6ul spi communication with buffer IC

Question asked by Surendra Dhobale on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by igorpadykov


      We are using the imx6ul based custom board. We are require multiple Serial Port (RS485), so used MAX14830 expansion chip to achive the ports on the SPI.

To get good signal strength we have added one buffer IC in betwen the CPU board and SPI-UART expander ( MAX14830).


But currently problem is, the communicaion is working very fine without the buffer.( as shown in below 2nd diagram)

but not reliable communication with 1st diagram setup.

We are looking to use the buffer in our setup.

What kind of the timing related changes required for same on SPI or Max14830 driver?

We are using 4.1.15 or 4.9 kernel (both having same behaviour).


Kindly help , if we are looking to add the buffer IC, what kind of changes required either in software side (i.e in linux kernel).