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Question about L-SDK(17.09)

Question asked by Kazuya Yamauchi on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2017 by Kazuya Yamauchi

We find two codes of L-SDK(17.09).
 - flexbuild_lsdk1709_update_103017.tgz
 - flexbuild_lsdk1709_092917.tgz

We want to know these differences.
Could you advise following questions?

Q1. Please let us know the difference between "flexbuild_lsdk1709_update_103017.tgz" and "flexbuild_lsdk1709_092917.tgz".
   => We guess that difference is LS1012ARDB supporting, or not.
      Is our guess correct?
      If possible, could you provide the document for "lsdk1709-update-103017"?

Q2. Please let us know the difference between " fsl_fman_ucode_ls1043_r1.1_106_4_18.bin" and " fsl_fman_ucode_ls1043_r1.1_108_4_9.bin ".

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