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Unnecessary attribute reports from Zigbee 3.0 JN5168

Question asked by Peter Gulyas on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by Ovidiu Alexandru Usturoi



I successfully compiled JN-AN-1218 (ZigBee 3.0 Light Bulbs), and flashed to a JN5168-001-M00Z module. I managed to join it to my Smartthings hub, assigned a Zigbee Dimmer device handler to it, and it works like a charm, I can turn on/off, and dim the led I connected to the module, and it perfectly reports its attribute changes as configured. 


One minor issue though: maybe TOO perfectly.

If I issue an ON/OFF command to cluster 0x0006, it smoothly dims the light up and down, it's super sexy. But during the dimming process it reports the dim level changes from level control cluster 0x0008, which is kind of a side-effect, not really necessary. It would be acceptable though, but it does not report the final value (0x00 for OFF and 0xFE for ON), only 0-1-2 values in between.


Has anyone else experienced this behavior as well (everyone should, I have not seen anything in code that would prevent it)? What can I do to suppress level control cluster's attribute reporting for the transition time of on/off cluster, or to make sure that the final values are reported as well? (without modifying JN-SW-4170, I would totally avoid that)