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Measured consumption is greater than the nominal value on LPC54608 Evaluation board

Question asked by jinli wang on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by Carsten Groen

I need my board to maintain very low power consumption when idle. The deep sleep mode is an ideal status. But my measured current is about 400uA while the nominal value in the data sheet "LPC546xx" is 23uA. I have spent much time to calibrate it with little improvement. Here is the my configuration to board. If anybody can help me,  I will be very grateful.

  1. Configure all pins as GPIO with pull-up resistor disabled in the IOCON block.
  2. Configure GPIO pins as outputs using the GPIO DIR register.
  3. Write 1 to the GPIO CLR register to drive the outputs LOW.
  4. All peripherals disabled.
  5. call the function "POWER_EnterDeepSleep(APP_EXCLUDE_FROM_DEEPSLEEP);" only keeping all RAM active.
  6. insert a multimeter at JP4 between pins 5 and 6 to measure the LPC546xx VDD input current.