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how to access iMX6SX board (UDOO NEO) peripherals?

Question asked by radipta candra on Nov 19, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2017 by radipta candra

Hi everybody,


currently, I am developing RTOS for M4 architecture based on FreeRTOS and CMSIS platform. The target board is UDOO NEO which uses iMX6SX processor. But now I don't know how to access such as GPIO, timer, USART, Interrupt and other peripherals to implement the RTOS functions.


In previous research, the target board is STM32F4 that provide the stdperipheral driver which really help me a lot to implement the RTOS and accessing STM32F4 features. is anybody here knows any documentation or source to do the implementation on iMX6SX board, like setting up the GPIO or accessing the other features?