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How to upload multiple elf to MPC5674F?

Question asked by Chung Ho Hwang on Nov 19, 2017



Our project should divide the following executable files(elf) for certification:
- one of elf performs the function of the bootloader.
- one of elf performs the main functions.
- one of elf stores data into external memory.


I have encountered the following problems during developing the project using Code Warrior.


1. I will upload two or more executable files to one target board. How do i modify the supplied lcf file and startup code (MPC5674F based).


2. I use the ICDPPCNEXUS debugger included our code warrior package. I want to upload multi executable files to the target board using the this debugger. when i use this debugger, it seems that the previously uploaded elf file is deleted.


3. I want to jump from the A project to the start point of B project. How do i use assembler? Thank you for your example. (The bl command was executed but i was failed)