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2088a rcw

Question asked by Shiva Pandit on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by Shiva Pandit

Our LS2088a based custom board uses QSPI as rcw and boot source. Apparently, there is no more python script support for generating the rcw binary and we need to use the QCVS PBL tool. Does anyone know if the rcw binary generated by PBL tool needs to be byte swapped before programmed into the QSPI flash? PBL tool generates two binaries, PBL.bin and PBL_swapped.bin. Which one should be flashed? 


We tried both; but the cpu seems to not like something in our rcw file. Our rcw is based on PBL_0x2a_0x41_2000_800_2133_1600_QSPIboot.bin from LSDK-1709 release, with minimal modifications. Any tips on debugging this? I have also attached the rcw binary file. Thanks.ls2088a rcw swap