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some questions about the datasheet of MRFE6VP61K25HR5

Question asked by 聪 李 on Nov 17, 2017
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Hello all,

I'm using MRFE6VP61K25HR5. But I come across some problems because I just set foot in this area.

1、If the thermal resistance Rθjc=0.15℃/W obtained in this way:(225℃-25℃)/1333 W=0.15℃/W?If so,it shows that the RF Power LDMOS Transistors have a good heat sink so that its junction temperature is maintained at 25℃ ?And then what's the thermal resistance between junction and environment without heat sink?The datasheet does not seem to be given.

2、How the data 6.67W/℃ obtained in the datasheet?

3、In the table 2,what does "Zθjc=0.03℃/W" mean?And how it obtained?

4、Why the datasheet have not support the thermal impedance curve of RF Power LDMOS Transistors?

5、What is the difference between MRFE6VP61K25HR5 and MRFE6VP61K25HR6?

hope some help.

"Table 1. Maximum Ratings","Table 2. Thermal Characteristics"
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