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Which Community for NTAG 413 tags and such

Question asked by Clinton Gallagher on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by Stefano Della Valle

I've been working with NTAGx tags as a web and web services developer. I want to learn all I can about them, specifically the newest NTAG 413 DNA family. First question is which NXP Community is best for the context of working with tags? This one?


I've read "NTAG 413 DNA Secure Unique NFC Message for direct access to web services" and am fascinated with the possibilities; the 25 year data retention will quiet many an objection.


I require further insight regarding the use of NTAG 413 DNA features. Am I to presume choices made when encoding will appear in the NDEF record by means of query string values enabling the rather small memory payload to become as robust as possible by means of name=value pairs such that when the tag is tapped the entire string will be passed to the reading device?


I've used search and have read through a good number of documents but I may be missing those which actually document how to encode and read the NTAG 413 encoded data by means of the querystring scheme? Somewhere the name portion of the name=value pair must be documented ainna?


I'm also curious to know if NXP Tag Info is currently up to the task of reading and reporting NTAG 413 DNA or if an update will be required and soon forthcoming in this context?