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T1024 PCIe RC3 device enumeration

Question asked by Eduard Kromskoy on Nov 16, 2017
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We have board based on T1024RDB reference design. Sometimes, especially after hot reboot, u-boot fails to detect device (PCIe switch) connected to RC3. I don't see any problems with device (network controller) connected to RC2. I noticed that u-boot after initializing Root Complex registers just tries to read config space for all possible bus-dev-func combinations to find devices. So, sometimes all these functions return 0xffffffff as no devices are connected to RC3; however, from u-boot command line I can see PCIe switch (obviously not configured) and can modify its config space. On a power cycle (cold boot) we don't see this problem; all PCIe devices are found. Does anyone have any idea where to look to?


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