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Powerconsumption of SRAM in LPC5460x

Question asked by Carsten Groen on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by Carsten Groen

As we are still trying to evaluate if the LPC5460x family's powerconsumption will be ok for our applications there is a number we are missing from the datasheets of the family. The only SRAM block that has its power consumption published in deep-sleep is the 32 KByte SRAMX block (typ 22 uA/max 64 uA at 25 degC and max 800 uA at 125 degC).

The other SRAM blocks (SRAM1,SRAM2, SRAM3) does not have any published powerconsumption numbers (at least that I can find).

Is it possible to get these numbers ?

We are particularly interested the numbers (at 25 degC is ok) when device is in deepsleep mode.

These numbers are mandatory for us to make (hopefully) the final decision