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pwm setting for imx6ul board

Question asked by Mahek Delawala on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by Carlos_Musich

Hi Team,


I am working on the imx6ulnxpuiopb board. I am using this board for the first time. I am working on task to control the brightness of led using PWM. Can u please provide a sample code using which I can get the idea about programming of the PWM. I have seen the chapter of PWM in imx6ul reference in which there are specific registers for pwm such as pwm_ control, pwm_interrupt, pwm_status, pwm_counter,etc but I don't know how I have to use the bits in the particular register for configuring the pwm, what does each bit setting in the register specify. Please provide the simple code with the use of this this register and How should I start ?