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FD_ON and FD_OFF mode in NtagI2CPlus2K

Question asked by Arturo Ruiz on Nov 16, 2017

I'm working with these features on the NtagI2CPlus2k but I don't know if I don't get what the descpritions on the Datasheet say on the way the FD pin works or if I'm doing something wrong. First I configured the Tag so the FD pin is pulled down (FD_ON) by valid SoC and pulled Up (FD_OFF) when the last page of the NDEF message has been read. I already set the last page of the NDEF message defined by LAST_NDEF_BLOCK. With these configurations the FD pin is pulled down as soon as a field is present and it stays down even if I send an NDEF message and even before sending any comand or connecting to it. It behaves just as if the FD pin would be configured as default (FD_ON 00b and FD_OFF 00b). I already tried other configurations and made tests and the behavior is the same and I also check that the config registers are being configured correctly. There is no return to the high state it just stays in low as long as the field is present. 


Finally is there any way to make this PIN send more than one triger without taking away the PCD e.g smartphone? I'm trying to generate more than one sate change on the pin for my application.