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i.MX6UL ENET1 (with LAN8720A PHY) not working in Uboot

Question asked by lvmh on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2017 by lvmh

I am debugging the IMX6UL uboot network,but the network is not available.I refer to the,but it still didn't work.
I can test the 50M clock with an oscilloscope.I can read the phy ID using the u-boot MDIO commands .IP addresses and MAC addresses have been set.When I ping, I have the following information:
Using FEC1 device
fec_send: status 0xc00 index 0 ret 0
fec_send: status 0x2c00 index 1 ret 0
ping failed; host is not alive



Can someone give me some advice?Thanks a million!