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slow pin i/o manipulation

Discussion created by Derouville sylvain on Sep 28, 2008
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Good morning,
first, sorry for my poor english...
I'm starting with the Coldfire V2, I just buy a training card with MCF52223.
I was training with the most common device: I2C, UART ... However, I have a problem with the fast change state of a pin, I explain:
My Quartz is 48 Mhz, the Pll seems set correctly (I have a frequency of 80 MHz output CLKOUT), but the maximum frequency change of state is only 3.63 Mhz, is this normal or due to limitation ?
I watched the assembler code and it seems the simplest:
2000070A: 7001 moveq # 1, d0
2000070C: 13C04010000E move.b d0, 0x4010000E (0x4010000e)
20000712: 42394010000E clr.b 0x4010000E (0x4010000e)
20000718: 60F2 bra.s hand 0 xa (0x2000070c); 0x2000070c
result of
while (1)


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